Josh Goldsmith just returned from four packed days teaching at the University of Malaga from February 24-27, 2020.

As a Visiting Scholar for the European Master in Technology for Translation and Interpreting, Josh co-taught a course on Interpreting Technologies with Professor Gloria Corpas Pastor and lectured on a Terminology course taught by Cristina Toledo Báez and Isabel Durán Muñoz.

The courses included a range of research and hands-on activities exploring cutting-edge interpreting technologies for digital preparation, digital note-taking, computer-assisted interpreting, hybrid interpreting modalities, terminology management and extraction, remote interpreting, automatic speech recognition, respeaking, machine interpreting, and more.

Josh also taught a two-part seminar on interpreting technologies for two dozen members of the University of Malaga faculty. In addition to covering a range of computer-assisted interpreting tools, the seminar explored pedagogical strategies and sequences for teaching interpreting technologies.

The visit concluded with a public lecture entitled "Computer-assisted interpreting tools: Tips and tricks from a professional interpreter."

Check out this video of our students testing out tablet for digital consecutive interpreting!