We had another packed house for today's free webinar: Next-Level Note-Taking.

Missed the session? Check out the recording and slides.

In addition to discussing expert note-taking features - including audio and handwriting recognition - we were delighted to announce a new on-demand course.

And we're running a 20% off launch special if you purchase in the first 72 hours.

Cutting-edge consecutive on your iPad: A fresh take on notes

Have you ever wondered whether you could take consecutive notes on your iPad? In this course, you'll learn how!

In nearly 20 video lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Digitize paper notes
  • Set up your iPad to take notes
  • Pick the best stylus
  • Get started with Apple Notes
  • Take it to the next level with Notability
  • Practice symbols
  • Add bookmarks to notes
  • Organize and export notebooks
  • Annotate notes on your iPad
  • Pair notes with documents, dictionaries and glossaries using multitasking
  • Address confidentiality issues around digital note-taking

This interactive online course is packed with over 15 hands-on exercises to help you master digital note-taking.

Plus, it includes two BONUS LESSONS to up your symbol game and use handwriting recognition on your tablet.

Want to check out a few lessons before enrolling? Head on over to the course and click "Preview" to take a peek at what you'll learn.

SPECIAL OFFER: We're offering a 20% discount - for 72 hours only - to celebrate the launch of Cutting-Edge Consecutive. Just click this link and use discount code CUTTINGEDGE20 when you check out.