At techforword, we're firm believers in continuing professional development.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we're pleased to offer a series of free webinars.

Join us live every Thursday at 5 pm CEST.

Please note: Our free webinars often generate huge interest, which makes it impossible to keep track of participation. As a result, we do not award certificates of attendance for free webinars. However, we do award certificates to students completing our on-demand courses and our techforword live courses - interactive online courses on state-of-the-art topics, all from the comfort of your own home.

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09-07-2020 Collaborating in the cloud

Are you comfortable collaborating in the cloud? Unsure where to start or how to keep information confidential?

The good news: Every cloud has a silver lining. 

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Share background and meeting documents
  • Prepare terminology together
  • Communicate with colleagues during remote assignments

PLEASE NOTE: As one of us will be in the booth on July 2nd and it's hard to demo collaboration solo, this webinar has been postponed to July 9th. See you then!


Want to support what we're doing at techforword? We greatly appreciate whatever you can give during this period. Our suggested donation is 10 EUR per webinar. Your donations enable us to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and prepare great educational content to share with you.


18-06-2020 techforword talks Remote Sign Language Interpreting with Oliver Pouliot

Curious about remote sign language interpreting and how to work in mixed teams with sign language colleagues?

Join us for our third “techforword talks” webinar with Oliver Pouliot, the sign language representative on AIIC’s Task Force on Distance Interpreting.

In this hour-long webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Remote communication in mixed teams
  • How to look great on video during assignments
  • Technology for remote sign language interpreting

Please note: Sign language interpreting for this event was generously provided by Overseas Interpreting. Instead of donating to techforword for this free webinar, please consider a donation to the charity selected by Overseas Interpreting and the interpreters who volunteered their time to make this webinar accessible, the National Alliance of Black Interpreters.

11-06-2020 Rock your social media!

Social media gets a lot of flack, but when done well, can be a powerful tool for freelancers.

And with our tech-savvy tricks, it doesn’t have to be a time sink.

This free one-hour webinar is all about rocking your social media:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn - where to start?
  • Creating effective content 
  • Finding appealing visuals
  • Automating your posts

2020-06-04 techforword talks online practice groups with IBPG + PIPS

Keeping up your interpreting skills is crucial - especially in times like these.

Over the last few months, we’ve received dozens of questions about practicing online. 

For our second round of techforword talks, the IBPG and PIPS practice groups will field your questions and share insights on practicing interpreting online.

During this free one-hour session, we’ll discuss:

  • Differences between online and onsite practice
  • The right tech for practice and feedback
  • Is the future of practice groups online?

28-05-2020 Staying safe online

Remember Snowden? We’ve all heard about leaks, password-cracking, and big-brother-like spying. Honestly, staying safe online can seem overwhelming. 

We’re here to help you strike the right balance between convenience and security.

In this free one hour webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The basic tenets of online security
  • Using cloud computing safely
  • Secure communication
  • Strong passwords without the hassle

05-21-2020 techforword talks: InterpretBank with Claudio Fantinuoli

For our tenth weekly webinar, we’re mixing things up with a very special guest: Claudio Fantinuoli, the mastermind behind InterpretBank.

We’ll discuss the origins of the terminology tool and the latest features in version 7. 

In this one-hour session, we’ll also demo some cool things you can do with it, such as:

  • Create, import, edit, and export glossaries 
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the cloud
  • Automate glossary generation, and
  • Use your terminology for automatic speech recognition

14-05-2020 The Remote Interpreter's Companion

Scribbling on a piece of paper is so 2019. Especially in times like these, technology can help us break down walls with collaboration tools - particularly during distance interpreting. 

In this one-hour webinar jam-packed with practical information, we’ll explore:

  • Cloud-enabled collaboration
  • Streamlining communication with colleagues
  • Minimizing distractions while you’re on

07-05-2020 Next-Level Note-Taking

Think you know everything about taking notes on tablets? Think again!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to kick it up a notch? In this week’s free webinar, you’ll learn how the cool tech built right into your Apple, Android, or Surface device can help you hit the right notes every time.

This week’s hour-long webinar will cover:

  • Why digital notes outshine pen and paper
  • How to boost your notes with audio, handwriting recognition, and more
  • Which apps work best for you and your device

30-04-2020 Audio and Video for Interpreters

Good sound is a cornerstone of good interpreting.

But how can interpreters get good sound without the help of a trusted conference technician? How can we record good video of our practice speeches?

This free webinar is all about upping your audio and video game.

In the space of an hour, we cover how to:

  • Find practice materials
  • Record better audio and video
  • Use recordings to practice consec and sim
  • Listen back to the speaker and interpreter(s) at the same time

23-04-2020 Ask us anything!

In our five free webinars to date, we’ve covered a lot of ground: from online interpreter training to tech-savvy terminology tools, digital note-taking to going papersmart and even AI-focused topics like speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

Questions keep coming in via social media and email. So why not dedicate an entire free webinar to answering them?

Ask us (almost) anything!

Send in your questions as video or audio through our contact form or on social media with the hashtag #AskTechforword.

16-04-2020 The Paperless Android Professional

Android smartphones and tablets pack quite a punch. But are you making the most of your device? Are your documents always organized and available? Are you letting smart technology like speech recognition do the grunt work for you?

In this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Digitize and organize receipts and documents
  • Research, proofread, and edit texts comfortably from anywhere
  • Streamline your work with text-to-speech and speech-to-text

09-04-2020 Speech-To-Text: An introduction for interpreters

“Hey Siri, interpret for me."

Wait, not so fast! Voice technology can be helpful in our everyday lives. But Alexa & Co. won’t replace professional interpreters anytime soon. 

However, interpreters can use automatic speech recognition to our advantage in several ways. 

This free webinar will show you how.

In the space of an hour, we’ll explore:

  • How automatic speech recognition works
  • How it can be used to cope with numbers
  • How it can help with new interpreting modalities
  • How to use speech-to-text during simultaneous
  • Whether translation earpieces might herald the end of interpreting (Spoiler: No.)

02-04-2020 Note taking 2.0

Your tablet is great for reading the news, answering emails, and accessing glossaries in the booth.

Why not use it for consecutive or general note-taking, too?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Digitize and easily share notes on paper
  • Take notes on your tablet
  • Mark up notes using your laptop or a tablet
  • Create a portfolio of digital notes

26-03-2020 Intro to tech-savvy terminology management

Have you ever seen colleagues deftly navigating electronic glossaries and pulling up the right term in no time flat and wondered: How can I do that?

In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why to go digital
  • Where to research terminology
  • How to build glossaries collaboratively
  • How to design visual glossaries
  • How to use interpreter-specific terminology management tools
  • How to extract terminology from parallel documents

19-03-2020 Giving feedback online

In this free webinar, you'll learn how to provide feedback online:

  • How to give feedback
  • What kind of feedback to provide
  • When to provide feedback
  • Types of feedback
  • Providing feedback on audio, video, and live renditions
  • Providing feedback in writing, via audio and video
  • Dedicated platforms to help you provide feedback